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Advise on letting volunteers go

It's common for nonprofits to experience anxiety when faced with separating a volunteer from the organization.  It's often thought that because volunteers are donating their time to the cause, no situation would justify letting them go.  This is not accurate or beneficial more>

The Horrors of Hauling

  Denise Farris, Esq., equine law expert & founder of Farris Law Firm, LLC, describes what you need to consider in order to shelter yourself from The Horrors of Hauling. read article


Important information on how to manage & retain volunteers

How you manage your volunteers is a key piece in retaining this valuable group of people.  When designing your management program think of volunteers in the same light you would your employees.  There are many common areas of management.  However, some involve unique considerations/accommodations for volunteers.   Consider the following areas... read more >

Volunteer recruitment tips

All organizations face the challenge of scarce resources. This is especially true of non-profit organizations, who often struggle to find adequate time, money & people to fulfill their mission. Limited funding encourages non-profits to strategically use volunteers to support the organization. Strategically is the key word. All personnel working in your organization must be aimed at achieving the mission, whether they are compensated monetarily or not. This requires careful thought & planning around volunteer more >

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