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New Benefit Announcement

ARG members receive a $10 discount when signing up for USRider Equestrian Motor Plan, by using promo code ARC0117. This roadside assistance plan covers horse vans, tow vehicles and trailers carrying horses.  USRider provides exclusive services created specifically for equestrians but also provides coverage when you're not traveling with horses, in any vehicle - even when you're not driving.

Welcome Back Country Horsemen of America


Advise on letting volunteers go

It's common for nonprofits to experience anxiety when faced with separating a volunteer from the organization.  It's often thought that because volunteers are donating their time to the cause, no situation would justify letting them go.  This is not accurate or beneficial more>

The Horrors of Hauling

  Denise Farris, Esq., equine law expert & founder of Farris Law Firm, LLC, describes what you need to consider in order to shelter yourself from The Horrors of Hauling. read article

Thank you to Equisure, Inc.

ARG would like to thank our exclusive insurance provider, Equisure, Inc., for the continued support.