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Helpful Resources

August 2016

Access multiple resources that will support the growth & capacity of your association.  See our latest newsletter for more information.

Volunteer recruitment tips

May 2016

All organizations face the challenge of scarce resources. This is especially true of non-profit organizations, who often struggle to find adequate time, money & people to fulfill their mission. Limited funding encourages non-profits to strategically use volunteers to support the organization. Access our latest newsletter to read the entire article.

Get the word out

January 2016

To assist you in promoting your council's benefits we have written quick introductions to ARG & the Personal Excess Liability insurance.  Please feel free to use these in your web & print publications to get the word out on your benefits.  Access our latest newsletter to view the introduction content.

Life is good then the unexpected happens

October 2015

Life is good! Then one day something unexpected happens.  Your beloved horse gets sick or injures someone, your club treasurer empties the bank account or a customer accuses you of harmful neglect.  Are you and your horse protected?  Is your club or business protected? Check out our newsletter to find out more.

Passionate Pursuit of the Mission

July 2015

Help new board members jump into the passionate pursuit of your mission by providing them the background information to be successful quickly.  Read our latest newsletter for tips on this topic and more.

Is your Horse Ready for Spring?

April 2015 - Picture by:

Read our latest newsletter to find out.  In addition, meet our newest sponsor, Goetz Insurors, Inc. who offers farm & ranch insurance.  Also, meet 3 recently joined equine organizations & share a testimonial. 

Did you Receive your Certificates of Insurance?

January 2015

Included in this newsletter are instructions for receiving your certificates of insurance.  Plus, a message from our new business manager, an article on whether or not to purchase horse insurance and an introduction to our newest members.